Art by Justin Osterling
Art by Justin Osterling

Player: Shannon Woodhouse (@d20babe )

Race: Twi’Lek

Career and Specializations: Smuggler Pilot/Force Exile

History: Sold into slavery at a young age alongside her brother, Zopheric, Ocadessa swore to escape her life of forced servitude. Taking matters into her own hands, Ocadessa earned her way to freedom by training herself to fight and becoming a champion in illegal underground tournaments. With her brother in tow, she travelled the galaxy, always eager to learn new skills and talents, a sure way to avoid ever being a slave again.

Talia Chel

Art by Justin Osterling
Art by Justin Osterling

Player: Jordan Groves (@tehjgro)

Race: Human

Career and Specializations: Hired Gun Marauder

History: Talia is a former combat veteran turned soldier of fortune who found herself in City 17 alongside a crew of misfits just as lost in the galaxy as her. Her past is shrouded in mystery and even though she could tell you all about her exploits fighting in a civil war on her home planet, there’s an uncertainty to it all. Regardless, she’s a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and is a valuable asset to the Crew.


Art by Jarelle Dampier

Player: Owen Gieni (@owengieni)

Race: Medical Droid

Career and Specializations: Colonist Doctor

History: A sassy robot with a mission, D-0C is on the run from his past as a former item of property belonging to the Empire. In his efforts to become his own man, D-0C has fallen in with the Crew and added valuable experience as a medical technician and pathological liar. Able to fast talk his way out of almost any situation, D-0C’s greatest asset is self preservation.

Quelben Gubb

Art by Jarelle Dampier
Art by Jarelle Dampier

Player: Lonnie Nadler (@lon_monster)

Race: Duros

Career and Specializations: Explorer Scout

History: A quiet, introspective Duros content with travelling amongst the stars, Quelben found himself, inexplicably, the pilot for the Crew. While dangerous missions working for criminal empires was the last thing he ever wanted to do, he learned he had little choice when his finances ran dry and his ship out of fuel. Now, he bides his time, just trying to survive until tomorrow, when maybe one day he will have enough money to leave this ass end of the galaxy and see what the rest of it has to offer.

Muzzo Zek

Art by Jarelle Dampier
Art by Jarelle Dampier

Player: Zac Thompson (@ZacBeThompson)

Race: Trandoshan

Career and Specializations: Bounty Hunter Survivalist

History: A fourteen year old kid on the run from his home planet after committing an atrocity on a massive scale. Muzzo met Quelben and Ocadessa while fleeing Dosha and quickly learned he had an aptitude for violence and dealing out pain. Raised in the traditional practice of his family, his life choices often leave others reeling in horror, but to him it’s all just another experience in his new life. Muzzo’s only hope is that those he wronged two years ago never find him. It might be something he can’t outrun.

Game Master

image1 (2)Player: Kurtis Wiebe(@kurtisjwiebe)

Race: All of them

Career and Specializations: Managing the firestorm that is his career.

History: Kurtis has been playing RPG’s since he was 14 years old, beginning with the James Bond 007 system and quickly graduating to West End Games Star Wars. He’s been playing and running tabletop role playing games ever since and it is a very active part of his life even today. It’s been an inspiration to his writing career, the birthplace of his love of telling stories.


image2 (1)Player: Laura Bailey (Guest Star Episode 3)

Race: Human

Career and Specializations: Engineer Saboteur


image1 (4)Player: Travis Willingham (Guest Star Episode 3)

Race: Wookiee

Career and Specializations: Soldier Commando

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