Bothan Banter – GM’s Corner Special: The Faction System

We’ve received many requests for a look into the faction system. Below is a breakdown by series GM Kurtis Wiebe including a downloadable file for you to take a look at with every faction in the game. Spoilers in the file, you are warned!

Faction Capture2

Campaign Episode: This actually should just be the update number, as they don’t necessarily happen on every episode. Only when I, as the GM, feel there would be a shift naturally in the story.

Scheme Success: Pretty obvious, answering whether or not the new scheme succeeded or not.

Effects of Scheme: A detailed breakdown of what happens within the faction, or affected factions. This can include increase or decrease in influence, resources or even gaining a ‘tag’, which will be explained below.

New Scheme: The faction’s plan after their previous plans succeed or fail. Sometimes influenced by the actions of the PCs.

Resources: An overall view of their wealth within the world, 0 being broke and 10 being as wealthy as a faction can possibly get. It’s not a set number of credits, but a generalization of their resources. Factions spend resources to make schemes easier to complete. Also will be explained below.

Influence: A summary of how much pull the faction has within City 17. It represents their ability to effectively execute schemes.

Alliances: A current list of allies the faction has.


Tags: Randomly created after the success or failure of a scheme, with random effects determined by the GM that would be fitting to the outcome.  In the above example, Modo’s faction gained Armed to the Teeth which granted -3 to Risk on Gather Resource checks. These can be anything the GM imagines, other examples from A Nar Shaddaa Gamble are: Being Watched (Triggered once another tag of this kind activated, Illegal Tariffs (+1 Resource per faction update until removed), Angry Populace (-1 Influence per faction update until removed).

Gather Resources: A faction can Risk any number to gain that number of resources. Ex: Modo used Piracy to Risk 5 to Gain 5 Resources. The higher the Risk the higher chance of the job going bad. When Risking, the faction chooses a type (Piracy, Hacking, etc) and a level of risk (anywhere from 1-10). The GM then rolls 1d10. If the number is greater than the risk, the task succeeds with no complications and on their next update will have additional resources equal to their risk. Tags can increase or decrease odds of success. If the roll is equal to or less than the Risk, it is a failure, and there will be an update in the next Effects of Scheme box indicating as such, with a related consequence. (Hacking: Attempt blocked and discovered, appropriate tag triggered)

Influence: Any time a non- Gather Resources scheme is enacted, a faction rolls against their influence. To succeed, they must roll their Influence total or less. As with Gather Resources, tags can increase their influence (making it easier) or decrease (making it more difficult). Finally, a faction my expend resources to increase their influence for that single roll. All resources used in such a way are spent, regardless of the outcome.

A faction may also attempt to remove a negative tag by committing a New Scheme to the task. They must still roll against Influence to successfully do so, and may even spend resources to help the process,.

PLEASE NOTE: The sheet below is reflective of a system that has grown and changed over the course of its use. Some rules and notes contradict what is shown above. The rules in this blog post are the most recently revised version and trump what is in the attached document.

Campaign Faction Report

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