Bothan Banter – GM’s Corner Episode 5

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This week’s episode of GM’s Corner, Kurtis talks about Episode 8 and how the individual stories are starting to pay off. He updates the listener on the faction system, what’s been happening behind the scenes since Episode 4 and talks about the idea of the PC’s becoming a faction of their own.

In the GM’s Advice corner, Kurtis shares his thoughts on splitting the party and focusing on single characters over the course of a campaign.

One thought on “Bothan Banter – GM’s Corner Episode 5

  1. I couldn’t tell you whether I prefer the episodes of the GM’s Corner more. The episodes are very fun to listen to- you have a great group, and both you and them are good at thinking on your feet. But the GM’s Corner is where I’m mining for ideas for when I start my game.

    I was going to ask if you’d provide a look at how the faction system works, but then I went back to the first GM’s Corner where you said doing that would provide too many spoilers. So instead I’ve just taken a lot of notes on how you explained it, and I’ll use that as a starting point for my own system.


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