Bothan Banter – GM’s Corner Episode 3

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A luxurious GM’s Corner where Kurtis Wiebe talks about both Episode 4 and 5 of the Nar Shaddaa Gamble as well as some pertinent advice in running games where the player’s word is law.

See some behind the scenes manoeuvring involving the faction system and uncover how it played directly into a handful of scenes over the past few episodes. Kurtis finally digs into some real major players, including Challu the Hutt, Ko’Darrak the fallen Jedi and abolished faction of Modo the Hutt!

2 thoughts on “Bothan Banter – GM’s Corner Episode 3

  1. Justin

    Great job Kurtis. I continue to listen and am impressed with the story. The individual story arcs in sessions 4 and 5 provide insight into the characters. Each of the four stories in episode 5 were compelling individually and helped tie the universe together. I enjoy listening every week.

    The three personal plot points I’m looking forward to most are:
    Val using an interpersonal skill other than intimidate or aggravate.
    Quellion becoming decisive (maybe he just needs more confidence in his character?)
    Ocadessa revealing more of herself or pick a side (Imperial, Rebellion, Hutt, Profit, Team, Other)
    More about Ko’Darrak, he’s just interesting. Seems like an unwilling villain. If he hadn’t lost his master things may have turned out different. I wonder if Ocadessa will be good for Ko’Darrak, but I doubt it, that would just be too warm and fuzzy.

    Hope you enjoy running as much as I enjoy listening. You inspired my EotE game and I’m working on my version of a faction system. Thanks


    1. Thanks a lot for sharing, Justin! We definitely get some interesting revelations about Ocadessa in Episode 6 which I am posting in a minute.

      I’m with you on being excited about the future stories and choices of the characters, as I am as in the dark as you are!

      And I’m glad Ko’Darrak is jiving with you. He’s one of my favourite NPC’s and his story really is very tragic. His connection with Dessa will be an interesting one!



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