A Nar Shaddaa Gamble Episode 5: Devil’s Due

Previously on a Nar Shaddaa Gamble

Despite a secured release by the machinations of Challu the Hutt, the exit from Docking Bay 47 Holding Facility Alpha was anything but smooth. Jailed in the illustrious company of Echo and two of her counterparts, the crew couldn’t have expected a full on assault by Modo the Hutt himself to retrieve his right hand woman. In a brutal firefight in the facility lobby, both Modo and Echo were grievously injured before making good on their escape.

Meanwhile, Ocadessa felt a strange spiritual pull that led her to the severely wounded Ko’Darrak. After a brief conversation, she agreed to help the dying Twi’lek and bring him to his employer, Challu the Hutt.

It wasn’t long before the entire crew found themselves in front of Challu, a hutt of significant power who offered an apology for the botched job against the Empire. What was meant to be an act of vengeance against a former ally had become a nefarious trap with the Crew being the quarry.

Challu also offered the team a home, a place to work with good pay and significantly less risk. He only had one request: Deliver Ember Lokin.

But not everyone is so open to dealing with a smiling devil.

The question is: who will stand alone?








Bomber Droid





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