A Nar Shaddaa Gamble Episode 4: Criminal Justice

Previously on A Nar Shaddaa Gamble:

With a small cadre of Rebel Alliance operatives in tow, including Froadick the Wookie and Evie, the Crew made a hasty retreat to their ship, the SS Abrams, with hopes of assisting the turncoat ISB agent, Ember Lokin, off planet. But a snag at Dock 47 Customs involving Talia led to the revelation that while someone had flagged her name, it wasn’t City 17 or the Empire. Someone was looking for her, with no information as to who. Or why.

With some deft slicing at the hands of the rebel saboteur Evie, the entire crew made it past the customs officer by tricking him with a typo on his screen.

But all was not well in the foyer of Ramps 11-20. A series of explosions rocked Ramp 11 while the Crew made for their ship. An intense firefight broke out between a pack of ruffians led by a crazed woman in body armour and a wounded and desperate Twi’lek by the name of Ko’Darrak.

While the Crew knew only that he was a higher up criminal leader, it was Ocadessa that felt something… deeper. A spiritual tremor unlike anything else she’d ever felt before.

There was no time for reflection and soon the ship soared from orbit and into hyperspace.

It was here that the Crew met with Admiral Jan Stock, the direct superior to Captain Ziggy, on board the Corellian Corvette Reliance.  With Ember delivered, Admiral Stock asked for her team to be delivered back to City 17 so they might continue their work. The Crew agreed to the request, with a promise to stay in touch with Froadick and Evie and work alongside them if there was ever need.

Upon return to City 17, the maniac soldier they saw earlier ambushed the Crew with a handful of armed men. In a brutal firefight, the woman’s team was cut down and she captured. But not before a detachment of City 17 militia surrounded the ship and demanded their immediate surrender.

Outgunned and outnumbered, there was only one option.


Tryce Pronji

Tryce Pronji



Modo the Hutt


Challu the Hutt




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