Bothan Banter – GM’s Corner Episode 2

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The second episode of GM’s Corner, Kurtis discusses dropping in guest stars Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham for a single episode and gives a little bit of GM advice that he has learned to appreciate in recent years.

2 thoughts on “Bothan Banter – GM’s Corner Episode 2

  1. Justin

    Great episode Kurtis. I look forward to your podcast every week and you’ve stoked my desire to run an Edge or the Empire game.

    I’m intrigued by your open world style. Leaving all decisions and story arcs up to the players is a really cool idea. My campaigns have traditionally allowed the players to go in many different directions but I would certainly nudge them to get involved in story lines.

    My fear is that at times players have wanted to keep their characters safe and have avoided all conflict. The “Let’s go hide on the ship” syndrome. but maybe I just haven’t given them enough credit?

    Another concern with not shaping the story is that players with more real life presence or force can drag the other players around. A laissez-faire attitude to narrative could see those characters run by less aggressive players lacking their own story arcs?

    Either way i love listening to the adventures (Doc is a hoot!) and hope my fears are proven wrong. Keep up the great work.


    1. I would just put some things into motion that force their hand a bit. With the faction system, I could have any number of things spill over into their world, even if they decide not to engage mine.

      In the case of more dominant players, that’s where the Obligation system works best, you can really use it at any time. One character doesn’t get a lot of screen time? Pull in a character from their past that complicates things.

      Always be giving them bits that pushes their story forward and react to their choices.

      Thanks for listening!



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