A Nar Shaddaa Gamble

Nar Shaddaa Night

Nar Shaddaa. The Vertical City. Home to the galaxy’s most notorious criminals and gangsters. A land of opportunity or ruin.

Deep in the heart of the towering cityscape lies City 17, a broken district ravaged by a war in the underworld. A battle waged by four powerful Hutts, all determined to claim the sector as their own.

And as the city falls to pieces, many despairing citizens wonder where hope has gone. The Empire has turned its back, and whispers of the Rebel Alliance are heralded by delusionalCity 17 dreamers.

But hope can come from even the most unexpected of places. And for the five unlikely heroes gathered for one desperate mission…

It is the beginning of legend.

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28 thoughts on “A Nar Shaddaa Gamble

  1. ssamc

    Really engaging storyline and definitely a really good listen. A couple of possible pointers: 1.) At times, the background noise gets a little overbearing. At one point it was difficult to understand the main storyline because of conversations happening in the background. 2.) I would love to hear a character introduction/a bit of background info.
    Regardless of if these two points are met, I will continue listening.


  2. Joecrak

    Just recently found your podcast looking for some fun EotE Actual Plays. Great story telling, and fun characters.

    Granted I’m early on, only on episode 2, but my only critique would be it sounds like you are making things much harder for the players than needed, in regards to the amount of purple dice to attack someone at certain ranges, and the narrative use of remaining threat symbols. (one threat symbol shouldn’t be enough to power down a gun/run out of ammo)

    Other than that it’s a blast listening to it!


    1. Thanks for tuning in and giving us a listen!
      As far as the dice assigned, the difficulty is always two unless I directly say otherwise. I’m pretty loose on rules anyway, and none of our players are very concerned with the rules themselves either, as long as it moves the story forward in an interesting way.

      I’ll be interested to hear what you think as the story goes on whether or not it remains too difficult. I feel like they do succeed quite a lot, except in social areas it would seem.

      Hope you enjoy the new episodes!


      1. Joecrak

        I’ve listened more, and yea, at times it still feels difficult to me. It’s likely that it’s a GM style that I’m not as accustomed to.

        The part that seems super difficult in my eyes is how you spend Threats on the PC’s, you are brutal sir. 1 Threat disabling a weapon? That’s rough. That’s something the sample table would describe as 3 threat or 1 despair.

        The other thing that’s weird for me, is getting used to the players not describing how they use their rolled advantage. But with everyone likely being new to the system, I know it can be very over whelming.

        Still, all that said, I do love the story!


  3. A good show, but kind of hard to follow when you have no idea who the characters are.
    Remember, the story IS the characters! You should start off all the episodes with a short character introduction.
    Other than that, over all decent production quality.Good luck and keep them comming!


  4. Michael

    I’m enjoying the podcast so far. Though, I agree with some of the other comments regarding your harshness using Threats. I do not think, for instance, a single threat is enough to power down a starship weapon. But, RPGs are meant to be flexible and if you and your players are happy, then keep at it. The characters are a lot of fun and I really enjoy the story.

    I am curious, you’ve mentioned it during your GM corners but haven’t gone too much into the details. Will you be posting a guide for your faction system? I love this idea and would like to implement something similar into my own games.



  5. Oldmicah

    Just found the podcast and am really enjoying it. I know it’s is a lot of work and I really appreciate it. Thank you!

    I’m intrigued by your faction worksheet idea, but I’m not totally following on one or two aspects around resources and influence. (I’ll throw in a second vote for a faction guide if possible) It sounds a little like resources can be used in two ways:
    1) gambled with to gain more. (gamble 6 to earn 6?) I’m guessing you roll over the amount wagered.
    2) spent to bolster the influence roll to determine the success of a scheme. (Success = rolling under influence + resources spent ?). If they fail, do they just fail or succeed with a complication?

    Am I close? 🙂

    It’s fascinating enough that I’m building it out for my own game. One addition I made (for now) is that I’ve added an opposition column (to counter point allegiances)

    Seriously, many thanks. Very cool podcast with some really cool ideas.


    1. oldmicah

      Following up on my own question: I re-listened to the podcast last night and I think I see where I went wrong. I believe an example faction’s schem would looks like this:

      Redtooth Raiders
      Objective: Punish smilers
      Affiliates: Redtooth, M Legba
      Market: Hosting the market
      Allegiances: Steel Hawks
      influence 3 (on a 1-5 scale)
      resources 3 (on a 1-5 scale)

      Scheme description: force other gang leaders to meet, demonstrating leadership
      Resources committed to improving roll: 2
      Resources waged on success of of plan: 1

      They need to roll 5 or below to succeed. (3 influence + 2 resources committed to improving roll).

      Secess: +1 resources (4 total) and a tag for rising star
      Failure: -1 resources (2 total)

      The only problem I see is that lower influence and resource groups are going to have a very hard time recovering if they fail. To help the desperate factions, I’m considering adding a rule where the faction can forgo a scheme and focus on gaining resources. Maybe rolling above their current resource level on a d5, so it’s easier for resource poor factions to gain money than rich ones.

      The system provides a very interesting way to easily create non pc centered action in the world, and I look forward to hearing more about it.

      thanks again!


  6. Nicole

    The beginning to episode 8 was brutal. I usually listen during my commute to and from work. There I was, driving to work, make-up freshly done (non-waterproof mascara!), and the opening hit me in the gut. I’m lucky I didn’t have raccoon eyes.
    Anyway, it was awesome.


  7. Dyllie

    Quelben after episode 9 is my new favorite character. I am excited every week for the new episodes. I love the story and the characters make it perfect. Keep up the good work.


  8. I like the roleplaying but I really dislike the constant decisions to be basically be bad guys. It might be what the players feel like their characters would do but it’s not something I want to listen to. I’m listening to Episode 8 now but I’m about done with it.


    1. This is a criminals focused game, and it was always likely that it would lean in a ‘bad guys’ direction. We plan at some point to do an Age of Rebellion game, which focuses on more noble intentions. But, as it stands, our current campaign was always going to be about the seedy underbelly of the Star Wars universe.


      1. I get that, but it’s just not what I want to listen to. Star Wars to me is always about Light vs Dark and to listen to a bunch of characters do evil things just seems wrong to me. The roleplaying is great and I’m sure your players are having fun but I do not enjoy listening to people do evil things. It’s nice that the new characters are supposed to try to do the right thing. I would like to point out that being criminals doesn’t mean being evil, and to me that’s not good radio. I also understand that others do like to listen to something different and I may not be in the majority. I just wonder if those that thought like me moved on to other podcasts.


      2. Possibly! We are definitely trying to do a more noble campaign this time around. I agree that the podcast did tend to veer into monstrous territory and I think you’ll like the new direction if you tune in!


  9. Geryl

    Just finishing episode 11 and it seems like Ocadessa’s struggle between light and dark came down to a force die role. Brutal. She should have been allowed to use destiny to redeem herself. Maybe that was all edited out but can you talk about these decisions? Are you using conflict or is she already under dark side house rules?

    Great show, I love how character based it is. I could say the GM is tough, but the players are making wild choices all the time. Very imaginative. Great work.


    1. Ocadessa’s player had full choice in that scene but let how she rolled influence how she role played. None of what happened with her major choices were rules based, but player/character based. I never ever let rules ruin character moments.

      Glad you enjoy the show!


      1. Geryl

        Great, good to know. The *seemingly* die roll decision felt really at odds with how character choices had been made up until that point. Maybe I was just rooting too hard for her to take a light side turn to see it clearly.

        Super engaging, amazing players and a great GM.


    1. We do plan to finish it up soon! And you’ll notice in our most recent upload that we are bringing it back with a new crew in the same location and same faction system.

      Sorry for the wait!


  10. Austin

    I see on my pod cast republic that you ended in Dec. Are you guys coming back so I can listen to my favorite eote rpg podcast? Ps is there a written transcript of that campain would love to run my characters through it. It feels so real listening like Im in the game for the ride as well keep it up. And I love the gm corner lots of great tips.


  11. Austin

    I really like the show are you guys coming back soon. The last I checked you ended in Jan. I really love the show . And the Gm corner is well done as well. Made me excided to get back to edge of the empire. Any idea to increase the difficulty and still make it fun as the character progresses. Also I did not see a level up in the core book does it not use one?


    1. Generally I don’t make the difficult statistical, but how their choices come back at them. You’ll notice how many of the big choices they made, and the people they deceived, it all came crashing down near the end.


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